Diversely merciful gods

Is it a different god or maybe simply different boundary conditions the source of some of the striking contradictions into which most of religious institutions continuously fall? The question here is not if there is one God, more gods or simply none. Just imagine there was one, would it be the same for everybody or a different one for every time zone say? And would there be then a god of gods? Would they obey to the same rules or different ones according to convenience for an old game of power (of toy soldiers), so typical of institutions of men?

In Brazil a group of doctors and the mother of a nine year old child got excommunicated from the catholic church for helping the nine year old child, repeatedly raped by her stepfather, to have abortion.


The tragedy which so deeply hit and irreversibly scarred such a young life is almost forgotten in the lines of the endless skirmish between church and politics in their everlasting game of power. Because this is all the endless drama of a human being seems to mean to them, just one more battle in their endless war, who is the strongest and who is going to win this time? And all those prelates who pretend to care so much for children, and surely under their robe they do in their own way, seem to overlook that the human being in question is still a child herself, with her own right to life and a respectable one.

Besides it is no secret that abortion is routine practice (when needed) in hospitals even just outside the Vatican’s wall. But the Law of God, which clearly was considered by the clergy above any human law in Brazil,



doesn’t seem to stand quite so high elsewhere. In fact there does not seem to be any evidence of a collective excommunication of the entire order of doctors working in Europe for example, or is none of them catholic to start with? Perhaps theirs is simply a different and more merciful god? Or more likely such a hard conservative line of the church would be too unpopular to risk it? After all the aim of the game is to gather as many followers as possible, no matter how. Contradiction is welcome if it helps.